Costumed Gatherings for Small Fry on Archibald Walk SE, Capitol Hill Treehouse: 2016 - 2020

Damn the torpedoes - sheltered Archibald Walk SE was a fine spot for children to gather to play in the 1880s and remains so today.  The bottom of the Walk "U" has been the scene of joyful dress-up play in the nearly six years since the tree house was built. 

In June 2019, pre Covid, some of the alley neighbors helped us set up to create Hogwarts-in-the-alley for a child's birthday party.  The kids played Quidditch, fought with foam swords, lobbed "cannonballs," and had cake. 

We note that no DC law prevents children from playing on Archibald Walk, as long as pedestrians and cyclists can still pass when they do, and unpermitted items aren't left in public space after games wrap up.  

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2021: Mother's Day Weekend, Post Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt on Bicycles

2020: Halloween - Monarchs of the Nile

2019: Halloween - Harry Potter Ensemble at Christ Church on G Street

2019: Harry Potter Birthday Party with Alley Quidditch, June

2018: Halloween, ABBA in the Alley

Some of the E and G Street neighbors warmly welcomed our trick-or-treating MamaMia ensemble, complete with portable kaoroke.  Neighbors joined us in singing a few ABBA tunes and the girls were amply rewarded with candy.  Thanks a lot, SE neighbors.

2018: Birthday Party Capture-the-Castle-Game, Round II, June

Defenders armed with "canon balls" faced off against attackers, armed with "flaming arrows."  In round II, the attackers/archers got the upperhand - two years earlier, they were wildly inaccurate shots.

2017: Post-Thanksgiving Community Open House

2017: Halloween Rapunzel Ensemble

2016: Birthday Party Capture-the-Castle Game Round I, May

2016: Halloween Knights Ensemble